Decommissioning of Conoco Phillips LPG FSO Gas Concord Offshore Belanak, South Natuna Sea, Indonesia

Client: Rekayasa/COPI
Vessel: Mermaid Nusantara
Project Date: Nov 2016
WROV: SMD Atom 100HP
Project Duration: 15 days
Water Depth: 70 MSW
Location: South Natuna Sea

Project Description:
Conoco Phillips Indonesia (COPI) operations required the decommissioning of the LPG Floating Storage Offtake (FSO) GAS Concord to be removed from the field. Rekayasa won the tender awarded and contracted Seascape Surveys Indonesia to execute using DP2 “Mermaid Nusantara” Vessel with Survey capability, Work Class ROV and an Active Heave Compensation (AHC) crane with
minimum pay load of 25 Tons.

Scope of work:
LPG FSO to be disconnected from all the following

  • Two (2) 6in Flexible Riser?
  • One (1) 5in Subsea Power Cable
  • Six (6) Mooring Chains


  • Deploy and wet store of 2 x 6” gas risers onto mattresses on the seabed
  • Deploy 1 x power umbilical from the FSO turret
  • 6 mooring chains removed & lowered to