Saturation Diving Services for Donghae Phase II Ulsan, South Korea

Vessel: Mermaid Nusantara
Project Date: Aug 2016 – Sep 2016
WROV: SMD Quasar 125HP
Project Duration: 38 days
Water Depth: 65 – 70 MSW
Location: Ulsan, South Korea

Project Description:
SKEC/KNOC required Phase II of the Dong Have gas pipeline and SPM system relocation to be completed. Mermaid Nusantara was chosen to complete the deburial of the existing pipeline, cut out a section and install a tie in spool with the newly laid supply line, followed up with a final pressure test prior to the system going live. The project was successfully completed under the estimated timeframe.

Scope of work
Other scope of supply included:

  • Saturation diving
  • Pipeline deburial and decommissioning
  • Cold cutting
  • SMART Flange Installation
  • Spool Installation
  • Positioning and inspection services provided by Mermaid subsidiary, Seascape Surveys