Mermaid Nusantara

Mermaid Nusantara is an Indonesian flagged DP2 Dive Support Vessel, operated in the Asia Pacific region by Seascape, a member of the Mermaid Subsea Services group of companies. Designed and built to a high specification for its class, the Vessel is equipped with a built in 15-man Saturation Diving system, with a 3-man bell deployed […]

DSV Mermaid Endurer

A purpose-built DNV Classed DP2 DSV with diesel-electric propulsion and was delivered in May 2010. The vessel features a fully built-in and classed 18-man single bell saturation diving system rated to 300m water depth, including a self-propelled hyperbaric lifeboat, and is designed for working in harsh environmental conditions. Dive gas storage cylinders are located below […]

DSV Mermaid Asiana

Mermaid Asiana is a purpose-built DP2 DSV with diesel-electric propulsion, was delivered in February 2010, and is fully compliant with IMO Code for Special Purpose Ships. The vessel features a fully built-in and classed 12-man single bell saturation diving system rated to 300m water depth, including a selfpropelled hyperbaric lifeboat. Dive gas storage cylinder are […]

DSV Mermaid Commander

The M.V “Mermaid Commander” is a purpose-built DP2 diving support vessel. The vessel is equipped with a 16-man twin bell saturation diving system complete with a self-propelled hyperbaric lifeboat. The M.V “Mermaid Commander” has a 60-tonne crane and accommodation for 87 personnel. This vessel has an outstanding reputation for performance of diving operations worldwide. The […]

Mermaid Challenger

The M.V “Mermaid Challenger” is a DP1 offshore support vessel with 70-tonne bollard-pull capacity, and is also suitable for performing ROV support vessel duties. This vessel can be equipped with heavy work-class ROVs and has accommodation for 38 personnel. The M.V “Mermaid Challenger” is under the DNV classification society, and flying a Panamanian Flag.

Mermaid Sapphire

Mermaid Sapphire iis a purpose-built DP2 ROV & aid diving support vessel, designed for operation of dual deepwater work-class ROV’s (Quasar Compact or Trion XLX) plus optional inspection-class ROV. The ROV’s are installed on dedicated raised deck level, leaving all back deck space for project equipment. Mermaid Sapphire is also equipped with state-of-the-art subsea inspection […]